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After years of dreaming, one Gainesville homeowner finally has an elegant outdoor space to entertain friends and family. Turning her dream into a reality, our crew installed a paver patio, a few plantings and strategically placed lighting. We’ll walk you through the process of turning an average yard into a functional, sophisticated outdoor room!

As usual, it starts with a yard:

Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (1)






 Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (2)

 Before the pavers can be laid, the ground is prepared by removing roots and other organic materials that can decompose later and leave a void beneath the stones. Licensed professionals remove trees from the area while our crew remove old bushes and prepare the site for the work to begin.




Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (3)

 The soil is compacted then aggregate is laid and compacted to ensure a solid foundation.





Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (4)

Weeks before installation, our designer works closely with the homeowner to choose hardscape elements (stone) from our selection of high quality materials. On site, the crew methodically lays the pavers in a linear pattern leaving space for a seat wall and corner planter.

To create harmony, the seat wall is curved to mimic the shape of the planter in the opposite corner.

Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (5)

 The homeowner’s furnishings finish the space with a splash of summer color and the welcoming fireplace invites guests to stay a while.





Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (6)

 The addition of lighting enhances the space and guarantees visitors can enjoy the area night and day.





Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (7)

Our designer skillfully chooses the lamp and wattage to achieve stunning effects.





Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (8)



In the moonlight effect of a LED pendant light, a quiet place…



Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (9)


 is made even more magical.







Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (10)

 Lighting can be functional like when used to light a path…




Paver Patio Value 05-11-2015 (11)


 and decorative when used to accent a spectacular feature in a yard.





In these few pictures, we’ve demonstrated some of the key steps in the installation of a paver patio, landscaping and lighting.


Our appreciation goes to the homeowners (J.J./B.L.) for these incredible photos of their project.



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