Y our Garden Room, Your Oasis, Your Sanctuary
Landscape solutions that turn your home into your hideaway

Retreat just steps from your door. Gaze at nature from every window. Recline in the shade next to a trickling waterfall. Matt Lucas and his landscape design team do more than make your yard beautiful, they give you an everyday escape, a vacation.

Whether you take a moment in passing to hear the gently bubbling stream, rest for hours watching the flowers sway in the Florida breeze or enjoy a family bar-b-q during the long days of summer, you will find refuge in the tranquility and splendor of nature.

Your vacation begins here. Our detailed garden planning, quality materials and excellent craftsmanship provide you a year-round, low-maintenance escape—A Beautiful Yard.

Picture Perfect Hardscapes


Give your landscape another dimension. Add interest and functionality to your garden to truly fuse the comfort of your home with the beauty of nature.

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Florida-friendly Plantings


Low-maintenance landscapes that flourish year-round. In landscape design, the plantings, or softscape, add the vibrant color, eye-catching texture and year-round vitality to your garden.

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Soothing Water Features


Escape to garden tranquility with a cascading waterfall. Incorporate the sound of trickling water and the beauty of a flowing stream into your landscape designs with nature-inspired water features. The sound, look and movement of water create a peaceful reprieve from the noisy hustle and bustle of daily life.

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Lighting that enhances


Your yard shows its natural beauty day or night. Lighting adds interest and function to a beautiful place.

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